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Genutztes PseudonymTayeb Souami
URL / Webseite
Beschreibung des BetrugsCiao, sono Tayeb Souami, hai una donazione di $ 3.600.000,00. Ho vinto la lotteria Powerball da 315,3 milioni di dollari il 19 maggio 2018, sto
donando parte dei miei soldi a cinque persone fortunate e dieci
organizzazioni di beneficenza. La tua email è uscita vittoriosa.
Contattami urgentemente per richieste.
Ihr Kommentar / Ihre ErklärungenQualcuno mi sa dire qualcosa??
Freunde alarmieren !

2 kommentare

  • Maria   28.01.2019 um 00:06

    Anche io ho ricevuto questa email

  • NINI   26.04.2019 um 14:56

    J ai reçu cet email En fait pour recevoir le MILLION promis il faut d'abord payer 580

    Good day,

    I am the financial adviser to Tayeb Souami.yes it is real, and this is to inform you that I have your parcel which contains documents confirming donation in your name

    In tune of $1,000,000 by my client, Tayeb Souami.and other vital records to show that you are the rightful beneficiary of the fund in question donated to you by Tayeb Souami. The documents will facilitate the remittance of the donation made to you in your local operational bank, note that your donation by Tayeb Souami. Is confirmed valid and legitimate, while, payment will be affected to your nominated bank once you meet the requirements. Note that as soon as you comply with the requirements, it will take maximum two-working days for your donation to reflect in the designated bank provided by you. Tayeb Souami. ALREADY PAID FOR THE POSTAGE CHARGES FOR YOU

    note that payment of your donation check to your nominated bank

    would be affected soon as you comply with the amount of the legal/contingency fee” this is in lieu to the policies of funds of this magnitude, and your bank account will be credited within (a day or two) working days once we conclude remittance to your local operational bank.
    For your information,

    in accordance with the financial service authority, the regulator of all providers of financial services, the contingency fee is 0.058% of your donation amount in tune of $1,000,000 which is $580, you are to pay for this fee, Once we have received the payment, we will complete the remittance of your donation via check or online/ bank to bank transfer immediately,... Weiterlesen

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