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Telefon+852 5388 5997 (ou 0085253885997) (+ Infos)
Beschreibung des Betrugswig that was supposed to be blond with highlights,instead i received a white one that smells is falling apart does not have netting in the front as promised, took longer to get here than promised. Email is fraudulent not able to contact them. phone number is no longer in service. Hopefully I can get my money back through my bank.
Ihr Kommentar / Ihre ErklärungenEmail is fraudulent not able to contact them by phone or email both are bogus. Will try to deal with Pay-Pal or just turn it over to my bank to take care of it. At this point I would just like to get my money back and buy locally.
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  • +852 5388 5997
LandR.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong
StaatsgebietR.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong

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