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Beschreibung des BetrugsApple i phone x in offer
Ihr Kommentar / Ihre ErklärungenAn ad was posted in website stating, just pay 9 dollars and buy i phone x, my brother was attracted to this Ad and did a transaction with them, once the payment information is given, they deducted $50.00 from my account and sent an email stating your order is confirmed and is under process, they shipped the order, and it reached my destination on 29th of April 2019, whereas my order was placed on 4th of april 2019, once the package arrived, it was completely different from the product they have showed in their site. i've been mailing them asking for a refund since 10 days, while the goods is on transaction, but there is no relevant response from their end.
i believe i might be justified for this fraudulent transaction.

Sincere thanks.
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