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Genutztes Pseudonymllbeay
Beschreibung des Betrugshat eine sehr professionelle Webseite/Webshop ist aber fake
Ihr Kommentar / Ihre Erklärungenliefert bei Bestellung, in meinem Fall statt eines Handheld Computer eine Geldbörse
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  • Anthony   04.07.2019 um 19:26

    I ordered a phone from llbeay web site and I got the wrong item so I told them after waiting for a month I wanted my money back then they said they would resend the phone and gave me a tracking number then I tracked it to my home town where it said my package was lost or stolen soo I dont know what to think

  • Anthony   04.07.2019 um 19:29

    Oh and I cant get intouch with anyone now from that site left over 10 emails with proff and screen shots still nothing back and I ordered on April 30 2019

  • Branislav   18.07.2019 um 08:52

    Here is the delivery schedule (checked via maybe this is also FAKE)
    2019-05-29 10:00:01 Wuhan, Hubei CHINA, Acceptance

    2019-05-31 08:25:18 Wuhan Hubei Arrival at Sorting Center

    2019-06-02 08:38:53 Wuhan Hubei Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

    2019-06-04 08:22:08 Wuhan Hubei Despatch from Sorting Center

    2019-06-06 08:32:04 Wuhan Hubei CHINA, WUHAN EMS, Processed Through Facility

    2019-06-08 08:47:34 Wuhan Hubei Released from Customs

    2019-06-10 08:38:25 Already arrived Slovakia INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Arrived at Slovakia

    2019-06-12 09:14:40 Already arrivedSlovakia In Transit to Next Facility

    2019-06-14 07:33:21 Already arrived Zilina Arrived at Zilina

    2019-06-16 07:56:21 Already arrived Zilina Departed Regional Facility

    2019-06-18 08:27:56 Already arrived Zilina Arrived at Zilina

    2019-06-20 07:32:59 Already arrived Zilina Out of delivery

    2019-06-22 08:55:23 Being dispatched Awaiting Delivery Scan

    2019-06-24 08:30:28 Being dispatched The delivery status of your item has not been updated

    (Your package may have been lost during the transportation period.pls contact sender)

  • Gary   31.07.2019 um 20:10

    When I was considering buying the mini computer from them I thought the price of $49.97 USD was unbelievable so I contacted the company to question if it was legit. I received an email from an "Alicia Cole" ( who swore that the offer was correct and to be confident that I would get the mini computer I ordered. Several weeks later I received a fake ladies purse, just like everyone else has a scam on Snopes.

    I immediately contacted "Alicia" who said that there had been a "mix up" with the wrong product shipped and she promised to ship the mini computer right away. She then sent me a tracking number; however, this only stated that the product had been lost and to contact the vendor, which I did, but whoever Alicia is failed to respond.

    Today, getting more and more fed up, I again emailed "Alicia" demanding to know where my mini computer was and threatening to add my experience to Snopes and report this to the FBI, My email was returned because the mailbox was "full". No surprise.

    Not that it matters to this despicable company, but I am a senior trying to survive on very limited pensions and I spent food money on this supposed mini computer. It is truly deplorable and immoral that a company would take advantage of people who can ill afford to be scammed out of their money. It is even worse when this "Alicia" provided assurances that it is not a scam. Just more lies!

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