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Betrügerische E-Mailno-reply@tabutkaj.org
Genutztes PseudonymMirek Topolanek
Beschreibung des BetrugsHello

I have contact you last 2 week and you reply me saying I am
joking. Please I am not joking at all. I am serious on this.
I know this email will reach you as a surprise, but you need not
to worry as I’m using this as the only secured and confidential
medium available to seek for foreign assistance and partnership
in a business transaction which is of a great benefit to both of
us. It is with trust that I wish to contact you on this matter
concerning transfer of Fifty One Million, Five Hundred Thousand
United States Dollars only (US$51.5Millon).

I am the former Czech central bank governor and my name is Mirek
Topolanek. I am having little problem with my government which i
will be settling soon. As the former governor of the central bank
i did business with governors and president of Korea which gave
me lot of money and my government is questioning my funds.

I have funds in different account in Swiss Bank and royal bank of
Canada but my government have confiscate my funds in Swiss Bank
account and royal Bank of Canada.

I am having just $51,000,000.00 Million in HSBC Bank USA which i
open the account on a secret name but my name is on the middle
name which i will send to you proof of my account view.

I have access to communicate with my bank officer in HSBC Bank
USA and i need a foreign partner who can receive these funds and
invest into a good profitable investment.

I need to hear back from you soon.

I hope I can trust you?

Do you have a company of your own? Or can you get me a company? I
ask this so that we can invest together and you will manage my
funds secretly.

I wish i can achieve this so that none of my generation will
suffer; please don't let me down.

Write back soon please.

Yours faithfully,
Mirek Topolanek
My Telephone No: 45966532
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1) Cet escroc ne m'a jamais contacté avant et je suis sur de ne pas lui avoir répondu vu que ma boite à spam est de type jetable et ne permet pas de répondre aux mails.

2) Un inconnu qui donne de l'argent, c'est une arnaque. Dites-vous bien que personne ne viendra vous voir pour vous donner des sous à vous, parfait inconnu.

3) Passez votre chemin. C'est une arnaque.
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