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Beschreibung des BetrugsOffers of merchandise at ridiculously low price
Ihr Kommentar / Ihre ErklärungenI fell for it. What else is there to say?
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  • Capp   13.06.2019 um 10:11

    I Went To The Search Box On The Site, And The Original Dirt Bike Ad For 113.99 Didnt Exist, Infact, If I Am Not Mistaken, Only Choice Is Hammocks If You Werent Brought From Google. I Would Love To Buy A 800$ Bike For 100... I Hope It Isnt Fraudulent.

  • Mimi   13.06.2019 um 20:20

    Its a big time fraudulent website. Be careful. I filed a dispute against them through my bank.

    • Hicham Rxo  14.06.2019 um 12:25

      thanks, go on, courage, and waiting for your protection processing !

    • Wow  15.06.2019 um 02:38

      The bank is waiting to see what they do with the money. Kinda like trapping them according to the bank representative. But there is no way they will be able to get ahold of the money because the bank will deny the payment. Glad I checked my bank statement the day I ordered an item because it did not match up with the total order item on the website! The bank also ordered me a new credit card. U.S. bank is the best!

  • bill   16.06.2019 um 07:35

    Definitely a scam,

    All they do is steal your credit number.

  • Jenn   16.06.2019 um 19:17

    Ordered an item..they charged wrong amount sent them emails no reply so filed a dispute with my bank how irratating that these people get away with this

  • Venum88   17.06.2019 um 16:58

    It's a scam foreign bank not sure about stealing cc#s my bank put a halt to it refunded my money. They say that they love us overseas bullshit

  • Teresa   19.06.2019 um 22:55

    Placed an order 6/11 with no updated on the order. Sent an email a few days ago with no reponse. Appears to be a fraud site.

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