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Beschreibung des Betrugsorderd shoes in size 40 (31 EUR, European size), 6 weeks later I got the shoes, but three sizes bigger, send mail to seller but no response, opened I case with PayPal, stupid communication and as a result I have to pay the costs (42 EUR) for returning the shoes to China, this costs more than the shoes.
Now I only can enter the tracking number on the paypal website!
Ihr Kommentar / Ihre ErklärungenThey send items in wrong size and / or quality and there is no chance for getting back money! I'm annoyed with myself for falling for these cheaters!
Freunde alarmieren !

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  • luckydiana   13.12.2019 um 20:34

    this the address, where I have to sent the items:
    Guangdong Province,Attn:Handang Lan Mob: + 86 18177878150 Address: Warehouse No. 5, Chaoyang Furniture Factory, Xingguang Village, Huangjiang Town523750 Dongguan City,广东Chin

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