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Amount: 16.45 EUR

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4 kommentare

  • ayham   12.02.2020 um 21:36

    yo igual el dia 2 de feb. y comprado dos zapatillas. pero hasta ahora no me han enviado nada ..cuidado con esta pagina

  • Jarmo   07.03.2020 um 18:17

    I ordered an Adidas weight lifting shoes by 35 € from Cheaponline2020 seller. There was a promise a few days delivery, so I thought the shoes come from Europe. After two weeks I got a valueless toy bracelet from China. They blamed their curier about wrong delivery and it´d not be their fault. They have also sent their terms of deliveries what is not informed before and which are contradiction in their practice. They also reminded me I didn´t have their insurance (they sell) for the cases a customer get wrong items. After many e-mails they promised 35 % refund, so I should pay about toy bracelet 23 € I have never ordered. Or as an option I could change my order to some another (more expensive) product. Now, later I have read the customer´s r... Weiterlesen

  • Taco   09.03.2020 um 14:59

    Full scam /fraud!! /

    or in my case

    This website uses, unauthorised, my business name, my pictures (copyright) and uses misleading product information!!

    The real product, artwork by Guido Llinas, on my own website costs €700, No free shipping, no discount, no payment with visa/mastercard etc. offers my product for 219,96 danish krone (ca €30), with 67% Rabat, free shipping etc.

    Complete BULLSHIT!!

    Warning: if it's to good to be true........


  • Axeslsius   19.04.2020 um 23:15

    Hatte vor 3 Monaten ein Modelauto bestellt. Angeblich kam es von China nach Frankfurt Airport beim Zoll an und dann wurde es zurückgesendet. "Service10" fragte zwar an ob sie es nochmals senden sollten. Aber seit dem 03.4.2020 kam kein Kontakt zustande. Die Bestellbestätigung von ist nicht erreichbar (19.4.20)
    38 € sind weg

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