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Hey ! Happy Day to you?!! so how is it going?? ???????? where do you live? wow this is awesome . so you did crack the code on my pics .????. lol so how about tell me a little bit about yourself ? and may I know what are you looking for ? ????????


oww you look handsome hun..


Okay since where here I think I'll tell you a lil bit about myself. I'm Ayesha Gray, but most of my friend call me Sha, I'm 35 years young, I am a Single mom for about 4 years now and a mom of 2 little cute princess and 1 Cute little Prince ???? I'm a Travel Agent and i own a Gray travel and tours Co. and I am a dog lover ???? also I am Adventurer of my own. I'm looking for FWB relationship Playful with the right guy!! so anyway .. may I know where are you staying?? I hope your not too far from me?? and it would be great if you can send me some of your pics !! hope to hear from you soon xoxo????

Btw this I attached some of my pics !! hope you like it ;) ???????? x

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Oww you looks handsome babe! Feels good to hear back from you again I guess you aren’t just a keyboard warrior lol so to tell you more about me I can be mean as fuck, Sweet as candy..Cold as water, Evil as hell or loyal like a soldier. It all depends on you. I'm up just for anything just to meet someone nice and have a good time, Im new to this so I dont know else to say? lol???? btw what a small world ! Im just here at Kröpelin area, Im glad that your not too far from me???????? I was thinking that maybe we could meet ? are you up for that ? xoxo

PS. Do you know why China has a b ig population?.... that is bcoz their CONDOM are made in China! my sense of humor made you laugh isnt it? ????????????? .. Just saying :) Lol


This is so nerve wracking, I feel a lil nervous and excited to meet you one of this days :) I feel like theres a butterfly in my tummy ????????????lol, I hope Im not too old to feel this way tho? ???? so where and when would you like to meet ? how about we meet tonight or maybe tomorrow night? can you host ? or how about in my place works for you ? my little princess stay at my mums place so I live alone, I think you can come to my place if you want ? I hope your serious on this meet up coz Im serious okay? ???????? xx


Sounds great ???? so what do you want me to wear when we meet ? do you want me to wear something special ? or a simple casual dress is fine ? btw before we meet I need to make sure that I am safe with you , at first I really was kinda worried about posting on dating sites bcoz I had a scary experience a year ago meeting someone from personals (I had to call for help he was crazy) Look at this >> https://GenuineMatchMaker/Createfreetrialaccount/secured/L13.html
Ihr Kommentar / Ihre ErklärungenFound her Mail on Tinder. Started Texting her from my mail account.
I assume the pics she is sending are stolen from somewhere, but couldn´t find from where.
She is using the same text as other scammers reported here too, except maybe the name or teh used area.
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