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Beschreibung des BetrugsSelling online products.
Ihr Kommentar / Ihre ErklärungenI ordered something from them. And pay them..yesterday they had another this one.
They don't answer my emails.
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  • Beverly   20.05.2020 um 03:27

    I ordered a retractable ping pong net. Ad on facebook said from a company called Play with me. Ended up being JIADI Co . Order places March 30 Still nothing on May 19, 2020!

  • Jesse   20.05.2020 um 15:52

    I ordered a dewalt cordless combo drill set for 89.60 and was told my card would not go thru to try other card well I was charged on botj cards so I was charged twice I need refund on one card!!!

  • Steffen   23.05.2020 um 21:33

    Bought today from a different site but same support email. After I realized that’s fraud, I blocked my credit card

  • MG   24.05.2020 um 10:18 Another scam website with same email for support

  • Mame   25.05.2020 um 04:30

    I tried to order from Sketchers. I was declined 3 times...each time thinking I had typed the wrong credit card #. Then I realized I had the wrong name on the shipping address that didn't correspond to my card. Tried to change it and could not. Now they have 3 different orders for me with credit card info.

    H E L P !!

  • Angela Blase Roses   25.05.2020 um 16:49

    Dear all I placed and order and so far I haven't received the shoes I ordered supposed to be Russell and Bromley but I believe is a scam because I haven't heard from then I also tried to get in touch with then to see when I'm going to get my delivery because they charged me for delivery £ 8.90 which is supposed to be delivered by the following day ??? I place the order on the 15/5/20 and I'm still awaiting to get a reply stating delivery date ??? And today is Monday the 25/5/20

  • spak0330   25.05.2020 um 19:05

    another website that uses support is
    the PayPal user Cheuk Sun Wong gets paid using account

  • James   25.05.2020 um 20:49

    also found another scam website,

    Retail product web site with no phone number for support, no physical address of vendor, only found email of for questions.

  • n hungary   26.05.2020 um 21:30 i bought two things two weeks nrm coming, i paid paypal, modt they negotiate with them ..... this is a scam site scam

  • NANA   27.05.2020 um 17:08

    same thing happened to me

  • nana   27.05.2020 um 17:11

    don't use as it looks it is fraud

  • Holster   27.05.2020 um 21:15 is also a fraud site associated with

  • mike   27.05.2020 um 23:33 is another one

  • Kexi   28.05.2020 um 07:26 is one too because I ordered a shoe and I sent them in email because it’s been 4 days since I placed my order and they don’t respond to email and everytime I send them an email I recieve an automatic error.

  • Ashley   28.05.2020 um 22:55

    Says contact information is someone in RHODE ISLAND, I have contacted the online business bureau people who deal with scams about the qmedindus, but just found mengmansy so... be careful! If it looks to good to be true, it probably is! Also, ALWAYS contact the website before paying!! Ask about shipping time or straight up ask if they're a scam!!

  • CL   29.05.2020 um 07:09 is one too, placed order on last Saturday, emailed twice to, no response,

  • Smillieruss   31.05.2020 um 23:30

    Ordered goods 2 weeks ago & no replies to emails, hopefully I can get my money back through paypal

  • eddy rivers   01.06.2020 um 16:06

    Same thing happened to me with kitchen aide. They are using there adds and selling for really great prices, don't believe it. it says 100 year celebration!


  • Ben   01.06.2020 um 17:53

    On May 17th ordered a DeWalt factory rebuilt buffer/polisher and received an order number with promise of tracking number when item is shipped. My credit card was charged along with an additional hit from the credit card company for an international payment (Singapore).
    Have asked twice for an order update with no response-suspect I am out $52.00 unless I can get my credit card company to cancel the payment.

  • RC   04.06.2020 um 17:42

    I ordered what I thought was off of LL Bean's website -- a few pairs of shoes on clearance. Now that I am seeing all your posts I am afraid I've been scammed out of a bit over $100.

  • Stang   05.06.2020 um 18:17

    LL Bean told me this outfit is a scam. Ordered 2 pair of shoes, had to cancel credit card and dispute purchase.

  • Mike C   07.06.2020 um 00:54

    Another scam website is

    This website looks like a DeWalt Reconditioned Tool website. I placed an order for about $80 worth of tools and it initially said my credit card was denied, try another card. I logged on to my credit card website to see why my card had been denied, and I saw an order had been placed. There were some things that didn't seem right, so I did some digging and decided it was a scam. I emailed the email several times and never received a reply. After the third email, I sent another and told them to cancel the order. Then I got an email from them saying the order had shipped (which has never arrived iif it did). I did manage to get $78 of the $80 refunded, and the credit card company is challenging them. I keep watching my credit card for... Weiterlesen

  • Atxgal   07.06.2020 um 21:28

    Here is another website selling Dyson products. I just ordered today, using Paypal, so hopefully, the payment will be protected, because now I'm worried this is a scam. Too good to be true. Yup!

  • Jocko   09.06.2020 um 00:36 is a scam, purchased items for about 50% less then normal. Got no confirmation email, few days later got a USPS tracking number. It said item arrived 3 days before I even ordered. So I got a hold of PayPal and asked for refund. Looks like they are refusing to send the refund.

  • Fe   09.06.2020 um 02:26

    I made a purchase, I automatically drafted the funds from my debit card. I was sent an email with the order # and was told I'll receive tracking # once the shoes ship. This was on 05/27/20

  • JG   09.06.2020 um 12:22

    Me too. Website advertising Brooks discount shoes linked through Facebook. Site is The payment authorisation screen was full of typos - so I was alerted that it was a scam, but too late, my payment had come out.

  • Andy B   10.06.2020 um 08:50

    Used the site Foolishly should of read about this company firts as the email address is OXBORDER. The authorities need to get these scammers fast. It is daylight robbery and fraud to the highest degree. SHAM ON YOU.

  • drahmed   13.06.2020 um 08:22

    Another scam website related to

  • KN   15.06.2020 um 21:44

    Fake Patagonia:
    I also was scammed by this fake Patagonia site attached to this email. The site was connected to a Facebook ad that claimed to be the retailer. The site was a very good copy. I should've looked at the url, and I would've realized it was fake, lesson learned. I made the payment through PayPal and so far they have sided with the scammer. The day after the transaction the website provided a fake tracking number and delivery confirmation saying the item was delivered in May, three and a half weeks before the transaction. My street address is not even listed on the confirmation, just the city and postal code. So far PayPal has claimed this is sufficient proof that I have received the items. As of now I have yet to have the payment reversed or... Weiterlesen

  • Jason   17.06.2020 um 16:29

    Loake shoes for me. Stopped my card and will get bank to dispute payment. The entire web site completely disappeared under under yesterday only to appear again 12 hours later under appears under

  • Jason   18.06.2020 um 18:07

    OK, by way of an update. disappeared completely. But guess what. The same site under appeared the next day (add via Facebook in the Independent online). No response from email to but from the email invoice sent at I got this. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Thanks for your mail.

    We had issued the refund according to your request.

    Funds will be returned to the original card that you paid within 3-10 working days without public breaks which depends on the efficiency of local bank.
    Please kindly pay attention to the bank notice

    Wish you a good day.

  • Jason   18.06.2020 um 18:09

    PS. The payment went to PKT ECOMERCE Singapore

  • Iesha Dorsey   19.06.2020 um 02:51

    I order from flagship store off of Facebook!!6/1/2020!!I haven't received my order yet !!I was scam of 300!!hope they get what's coming to them

  • Lynn   19.06.2020 um 06:02

    I ordered from these ppl and have yet to get anything and the next day there info was changed

  • Adam   24.06.2020 um 04:29

    I got stung from for $90USD for some car parts, as I should have taken the advice, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is...... SCAM WEBSITE - CAVEAT EMPTOR

  • Khiley   24.06.2020 um 23:48

    Haven't recieved my item

  • Rickey   06.09.2020 um 18:46

    My paypal account withdrawn from, but I never received items.



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