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Beschreibung des BetrugsHas Facebook scam site site heading is TOOLBOX website sells 1484.00 toolboxes(automechanic type) for only 98.00 dollars with free shipping(toolboxes weigh over 100 pounds) very axpensive to ship heavy items website looks very real! And advertises PayPal as dedicated to him for his fantastic deals!except he or she is NOT a good person who ships an empty envelope to you with a tracking number for your item.and also steals your PayPal cash and while you were at their website you have to give out your PayPal passwords(you ok payment to him thru PayPal)and he gets instantly! And you will never receive anything! He or she does the tracking number and has to ship something because PayPal won't pay him until he ships it and 5 minutes later he has your money!! And now that he supposedly sent it PayPal will never give your money back until you return it! All you got is an empty envelope not the toolbox you paid for try and send that back!!!!he stole my money 98.00 plus used my stolen PayPal password to steal my entire credit card available balance3700.00
Ihr Kommentar / Ihre ErklärungenI reported the site owned byAuralina Liano to USPS inspected general they agreed his tracking number was good but not sent to my address but too another address in my same town state and zipcode he only ships because PayPal WILL NOT pay him till he actually ships even though you get nothing he's sure to get his money just by buying a tracking number to satisfy PayPal regulations this a new type of internet scam where's he's actually using PayPal rules to 100 percent sure he can scam the population AND get away with it Everytime!! He always sells on out!!
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