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Genutztes PseudonymToroption
Beschreibung des BetrugsOperaciones binarias, robos tarjeta de credito no autorizados, no devolucion del dinero, bono fraudulento
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  • Thomas   02.02.2019 um 08:34

    This is a scam website. They call you and want you to deposit, and deposit. They steal your deposits directly and the funds are never on the platform. Directly transfered to countries far away from the platform. Beware of unregulated firms, and you are not gonna be helped by the banks, Ombudsman.

  • Llutham   27.01.2020 um 14:22

    During my early days of binary option i fell into a lot of online scams,trying to trade bitcoin and invest in Toroptions . Which nearly wrecked me out,making me loose up to $147k very confused on what to do until my boss introduced me to an online recovery agent fightingscams @ Aol dot com. A recovery expert who helped me recover all my money back from these scammers



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