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Genutztes PseudonymDavid Allen Cross
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Telefon+44 7788 806334 (ou 00447788806334) (+ Infos)
Beschreibung des BetrugsDit zijn follow up mail als je meerdere malen contact hebt gehad om de auto te gaan kopen !!!!!

Hi Sam,

I'm glad that you still wish to buy my car and thanks for your fast reply. As I told you from the beginning, I have a host of people ready to buy my car and I never thought that I will have a problem in choosing the buyer. People from different countries ask me to keep my car for them. Now I have to make a decision and see who will buy the car.
I have done some researching and the best way to close the deal is through eBay.
I'll start an auction on eBay and the payment will be sent to eBay Group.
The transaction fits the Vehicle Protection plan and will be covered by eBay. Vehicle Purchase Protection reimburses buyers who are involved in a vehicle transaction through their program. The program provides reimbursement for all the situations that can appear in a transaction.
After the payment is confirmed and secured by eBay I can come and deliver the car by myself.

So, the final price is 9300euro... 9000euro the car and 300euro my trip to you for finish the deal. I will explain you again how it works:

1- I will list the auction on eBay
2- I will send you the link so you can buy it.
3- After you'll hit the buy it now button you must pay to eBay in maximum 48 hours
4- After the payment is confirmed and secured by eBay I can come and deliver the car by myself on the next day.
5- Here you will find all the info about eBay:

In this way, both are safe. You will see and test the car before you will buy it, and me I will know for sure that I will not make a trip just for fun.
If you are agree with me then please let me know and I will list the car on eBay and send you the link so you can buy it .

If you wish to speak more details with me please feel free to call me on my mobile number : 0044/ 778 880 6334. I have only one request, never call between 13:00 and 15:00 or later than 22:00 pm., as we have two little children.
Please let me know your decision.

Ihr Kommentar / Ihre ErklärungenVia de website van Stefan een auto willen kopen. Ik dacht dat ik hem gevonden had voor een ongelooflijke prijs, achteraf gezien onmogelijk !

Maar toch wil je het bijna geloven en was ook ik er bijna ingetuint. Het is voor mde eerste x dat ik een duitse auto wil invoeren dus geen ervaring. Maar door mijn oplettendheid en signalen ben ik erachter gekomen via het internet de naam : David Alen Cross in te tikken.....een hele doemscenario te weeg gebracht wordt !

Opletten, super gevaarlijk en het gaat je veel geld kosten !
Freunde alarmieren !

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1 kommentar

  • cross alan david   07.05.2020 um 17:31

    er hatte mir das geschrieben
    thanks for your interest in my car and I'm glad because you wrote me back.
    My last price for the car is 6000 Eur.
    The car have German papers with German plates numbers, and will come with full service history ..... it was never taken out from german ZOLL office ... it still have the german brief with German numbers.All the services was done in time, to an authorized dealer.
    Also, the insurance it is still paid, so you can drive with the car until you will register it in your name.
    I am the first owner of the car and like you can see in the pictures the car is in excellent condition, no accidents, no scratches, no dents, no need for additional repairs.If you wish to find out further technical details and also more photos, then click on the link:... Weiterlesen



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