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Last reported scams

admin@mining-farm.co +8801317149262 mining-farm.co > Investment scam
one hour ago... Your comments / analysis: scam you pay and they ask for another fee, highly fradulent. Scam contents: Your withdrawal should be available immediately after the activation We have sent your payment but the company issuing Government legal certificates
+923073495138 > Phone Fraud
2 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: My 1000 dollars card complete this field plz check this and verify my emails and send me I'm waiting in proses 98 hours ago.... Scam contents.
shopzoshs@gmail.com Shopzoshs > Classified Scam
5 hours ago... The whole website is a scam. It was a shopping site selling products at a much lower price. Took my order and said the delivery would be in 5-7 days after the placing date within the formal email that I received for order confirmation. Now the site n
the_wayz_of_crystal > Romance Scam
8 hours ago... Someone has used my photos from IG to lure people into buying sexual content which is not actual mine! How do I remove this and how can I commence legal action?!
service@wulimer.com www.wulimer.com > Fraudulent website
10 hours ago... They took my payment via credit card. I have tried to contavt them to no avail. They had a sponsored ad on facebook which is where i bought my item from. Their faceboom page is still there. They have 2.
+12262409936 Irene Li list.index.title.scam.comments > Investment scam
10 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: These people are very dishonest.. Scam contents: These people defrauded me out of 70k by having me upgrade my account without telling me that I would have to invest another 50k. Then they froze my account.
+18888844887 flirt.com > Fraudulent website
10 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: absolutely fraudulent . Scam contents: repeated billing, impossible deactivate from website, you have to call a number to complete the procedure
beyondeden.shop > Fraudulent website
11 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: same website by same scammers under a different domain name. Scam contents: prices too cheap. SUSPECTED SCAM!
3232167777 www.comewell.top > Fraudulent website
11 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: I didn’t think it was too cheap to be a scam. I never received an email from them or a order confirmation they just took my money . Scam contents: https://www.comewell.top/collections/Epson/14154
elephanttunk.com > Fraudulent website
12 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: Will not delete off phone!. Scam contents: Will not delete . SUSPECTED SCAM!
+601128261972 Mia list.index.title.scam.comments > Investment scam
13 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: All unlisted coins seem to be fake.. Scam contents: I invested in BOSSDOG and CNDA, the cryptocurrencies that were to be unlocked on 10/27 for trading on the market. I have invested about 20,000 USDT in total.
mathides@live.com 0664009485 www.reioutletstore.com > Fraudulent website
13 hours ago... Site seems to be real but then the payment info and contact info is way off. Products are really cheap and show 1000 in stock on some bikes. Only PayPal and western union accepted or use your visa but through PayPal sending option. Below order
allurepugs@gmail.com +61881200455 allurepugpuppies.com > Other Scam
13 hours ago... https://antifraudintl.org/threads/allure-pug-puppies.141988/ Puppy scammers do get arrested and do face jail time. This is why it is important to file a police report and a complaint with IC3 (if in the US) or scamwatch.gov.au if in Australia ect.
info.cathyitaliangreyhoundpups@gmail.com 4056650683 classyitaliangreyhounds.com > Other Scam
13 hours ago... https://antifraudintl.org/threads/classy-italian-grey-hounds.141993/ Puppy scammers do get arrested and do face jail time. This is why it is important to file a police report and a complaint with IC3 (if in the US) or scamwatch.gov.au if in Austra
+447305240899 > Phone Fraud
13 hours ago... message: "Hermes-UK: We missed you yesterday. To accept your new slot visit https://hermes-check-reschedule-online.com" I'm not expecting any deliveries so this is definitely spam
arthequep.com > Fraudulent website
14 hours ago... Artheque.com is collecting money via PayPal for items that they do not deliver. They provided a false shipping tracking number which was validated as fake by the shipping company.
fr.customer@allscreen.media +32471657103 All screen media > Other Scam
14 hours ago... Après demandé de faire mon logon de itsme(gouvernement belge - très securisée!) , la site m'a demandé mon numéro de carte visa etc. Email reçu de "bienvenue" 5 jours gratuit de films et pas de tout demandé.
0212684201 > Phone Fraud
14 hours ago... I’ve checked my bank account and have noticed that Vodtopplus.com NZ$86.04 taking money from last Saturday out of my account and I need my money back please cancel this I don't know why.....This is my account Account number - 02 0548- 0098920 000
Wulimer.com > Other Scam
18 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: What we received was something that can only be described as a nylon type blue bag which you are supposed to walk around with and fill with air!
shirleydawsom400@gmail.com +27642265797 KUSA registered English Bulldog puppies for sale > Classified Scam
19 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: Refuses to send paper work proof or information of whereabouts until deposit or payment is made.. Scam contents: These puppies are raised in our home, wormed and pee pad trained. Puppies are accustomed to all the noises an
www.walmartretail.shop > Fraudulent website
19 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: They're going to take people's money who are trying to get toys for their kids. Scam contents: Trying to sell Magic Mixies, which are out of stock everywhere so lots of people will try this fake site
login.kxm115.com list.index.title.scam.comments > Investment scam
19 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: This website has asked me for 3000 after that they said you have to pay 6000 for withdrawal,my all money got stuck now. Scam contents: Forex trading
+13235777194 frightmare.fr > Fraudulent website
21 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: Website selling halloween masks etc. Placed an order for £19.89 and nothing has turned up and the contact us email address doesnt exist!
mynordeafi@emailser.com Nordea > Phishing
22 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: Bank would never do this.. Scam contents: os sinulla on vaikeuksia lukea tätä sähköpostia, lue online -versio. VMware Tärkeä päivitys vaaditaan LOKAKUU 24– 10 – 2021 Kirjaudu sisään
an.ct.service@gmail.com +447513637329 Elma list.index.title.scam.comments > Investment scam
22 hours ago... A girl named Elma from Singapore contact me in twitter then gave her WhatsApp number then ask me download anbtcoin app and send coin to that app for buying VPT currency for much profit after that I want to withdraw but cannot withdraw.
heyimscribb@gmail.com sublimationbundle.com > Fraudulent website
23 hours ago... Placed an order on 10/2, shipping says 3-5 business days, now it’s 10/27 and no shipping information has been given and no product has arrived. Company not reply to emails either.
info.pursaching@ferneydis.store 0644665065 M. Frederic BARATTERO /Purchasing Manager > Classified Scam
23 hours ago... Your comments / analysis: fraudulent use of a company name to receive goods. Fraudulent person. . Scam contents: De: info.pursaching@ferneydis.store [mailto:info.pursaching@ferneydis.store] Enviada: 26 de outubro de 2021 11:32 Para: info.pursach
3siizuservice5heartservicesweb.com > Scam using Paypal
one day ago... Well-lets just say they only sent one item per crate ok and took advantage of my other bc this offer was on Facebook here are the items they sent me that isnt worth 40 dollars apiece I would just like for them to send the rest of her crates she bough
fgcurrencytransactions@gmail.com +13525252821 Guixiu, Guixiuhuizi, Gui Yatian, Jin Yatian list.index.title.scam.comments > Romance Scam
one day ago... Either they are the same con person and both of them are not real. Gui avoids video calls during our conversations. Her "aunt" no longer replies after I asked her Gui's Korean name (이수혜) and where she's buried (Manguri). She must have noticed t
+601128384591 > Phone Fraud
one day ago... Same girl, Lucy, met on tinder, she chatted with me hours every day for 2 month like if really was a frind. She offered to introduce me to cryptocurrency by telling me she got rich that way and promised me to teach me how. She keept contact with me
tinyurl.com > Social Media Scam
one day ago... Your comments / analysis: See above.. Scam contents: Made a fake Instagram account posing as me and is using photos from my real Instagram get people to buy exclusive content on the website.
xingshengding@yeah.net wayfair > Scam using Paypal
one day ago... Your comments / analysis: bough a blackstone grill from which i thought was wayfair but it turned out to be a scam and its from www.whisperpretty.com. Scam contents: Blackstone grill
savik66932@lhzoom.com Instagram list.index.title.scam.comments > Investment scam
one day ago... Your comments / analysis: Beware of Instagram scammers. Scam contents: Invest 1000 to get back 10,000. SUSPECTED SCAM!
hermes.check-reschedule-online.com > Fraudulent website
one day ago... Your comments / analysis: Not expecting any deliveries. Both text messages sent within 30 minutes of each other. . Scam contents: Hermes-GB: Sorry we missed you earlier. To book a new slot, please visit https://hermes.check-reschedule-online.com T
tifmaker.com > Social Media Scam
one day ago... I got scammed by these scumbags. I want to go after them, any idea how I can get my money back? I'm going to research this till I can figure it out. Please let me know. I messaged them back on Facebook Messenger and they deleted that message.I was go