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Report an Internet Scam Emails, Ads, fraudulent website... Report a phone Scam Call or SMS received, voice messaging...

Signal-Arnaques.com has an API (Web Service) for professionals wanting to provide their own services with some more security and confidence.

Easy to set up, this API enables to request our database populated with more than 332000 mails identified as probably fraudulent on dozens of websites specialized in scam reporting. Everytime you get an email, you can request our « anti-scam » API and you will know if it has been reported as fraudulent or not...

This API has many use cases : Moderation system in classified ads, securing communications on social networks, fight against SPAMS comments on blogs and forums...

API requests are free under 500 requests/month. To get more, you can suscribe to one of the offers below.

API documentation (french only for now... work in progress...) can be downloaded here. You will need an API key to test it : ask for a free subscription to get one.

Choose your Anti-Scam Plan!

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Prices 0 € 19€ HT 99€ HT
Requests/month 500 5000 50000
Per request price 0 € 0,0038 € 0,00198 €
Number of authorized IPs 1 3 10
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