Social Media Scam : 2694836405


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Scam contentsThey don't send a thing is what I've been shown or they send empty boxes. I don't trust. Stopped my card not going get hit any deeper. I suggest anyone that has placed an order should stop payment and get a new charge card. They hit the card every month and share the info.
The charges come under FHTWHANJW.Company. fraud email.
Your comments / analysisBoy, do I feel incredibly stupid. Ordered only to find out this place really is a piece of crap. They scam. They hit my credit Card for 306.18. the product I was purchasing had an invoice of 265.91. I will be placing information on my facebook because this add popped up and I got sucked in. What grandma wouldn't want to give her grandkids great things. Yep, fell for it hook line and sinker.
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