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PseudonymLin Jinrong
Url /
Scam contentsAlso from Molyes Store (website

I ordered a double layer 2-3 persons hydraulic tent with Molyes Store but received a damaged 1-person single layer tent delivered by Lin Jinrong.
Your comments / analysisThe same day I reported the damamged and wrong delivery to Molyes.I tried several times to contact Molyes Store ( - strange a company has a gmail address) and Lin Jinrong ( - even stranger emailaddress for a bonafide company).
Finally after complaining at PP, they sent my complaint to Kin Jinrong and they reacted at last. Asking to return the shipment (in good order) but the was already damaged (!) and (maybe) the will refund. Otherwise I hold PP responsible to give me my refund. I return the by todat, Sep 1st and hope Lin Jinrong wil respond before Sep 11th because that is de closing date for a dispute by PP.
10 min later: the companyname Lin Jinrong is not known by UPS so I cannot return the tent. Condition of Lin Jinrong was to sent by UPS or DHL, so I try DHL next week.
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