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I'm Stephen Wright. A family researcher and member of the Association
of Genealogists and Researchers (AGR) here in the United Kingdom. We
are detectives Heir Hunters looking for a distant relative of a
deceased person without the precise contact details of family members
regarding unclaimed funds deposited in a bank here in the UK. The AGR
is a state-controlled holding organization to search for and find
missing or unknown foreign heirs who can claim a specific sum of
£9,000,000.00 (£ 9 million) belonging to a client who died an
intestate and before the Scotts could reverse the money discovered as
public funds. The search for foreign beneficiaries of this unclaimed
inheritance was proven unsuccessful and after several unsuccessful
attempts, I decided to follow his Last name on the Internet to locate
a member, therefore I contacted you. I have been unable to locate
foreign parents/relatives For years now, instead of losing everything,
I ask for your consent to introduce yourself as a member of this
family since you have the same last name. If you can accept, you will
receive 30% of this amount after working as a reward price while 70%
will be mine. I have all the necessary legal documents that covered
the filing, so all I need is your honesty to allow us to succeed in

I can guarantee that this will be performed as part of a legitimate
arrangement that will protect you from any violation of law ok.pls
Contact me at:

Stephen Wright
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