Loan Scam : 0752562703


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Telephone07 52 56 27 03 (more info)
Scam contentsThese people deceived me.

Murielle Mireille Elise Thuaud | +33 7 52 56 27 03 |
Add: 30 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009, Paris
Guy Bernard Tysebaert from Bank Societe Generale | +33 7 56 86 80 38
Gervais Auguste Mboe | France
Carlos Alberto Quimzo Guaman |Ecuador
Your comments / analysisDue to my financial need for medical assistance i was trapped in all convincing whatsapp messages I received from Murielle and who is also indicated on the Loan Agreement and Transfer Confirmation they provided thats I why I transferred money to the given people she gave with the amount of Euro 180 and USD 520 through Western Union. Now, i am begging for the refund of my money. I did wish that this loan provider is a legit company in France who wishes to provide financial loan to clients worldwide but all my hope has been gone.

I attached the documents for info of all clients who wish to avail this loan company.
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telephone number analysis 07 52 56 27 03

Phone number typeCell phone number
Other formats
  • 0752562703
  • 07 52 56 27 03
  • 07-52-56-27-03
International format
  • +33 7 52 56 27 03
Telephone companyLebara France Limited

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  • Sybil 10/25/2018 at 04:26 AM

    Hope people around the world will be smart enough to realize all lenders offering quick processing of loan application like this Digital Prestamos are all SCAMMERS. They will convince you will all good words by offering a big amount of credit that will be transferred in your account payable in years. I was fool believing these people particularly this Murielle with the rest of scammers. These people were happy to deceive people and easy job for them to get money from all of us.
    I know they will use another names and contact numbers to deceive you but do not be trapped will all of their promises because it's absolutely not true.


    Murielle Mireille Elise Thuaud | +33 7 52 56 27 03 | Read more

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