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Scam contentsI did lost exactly about $337,000 to a SOLID C F D broker with their website. There are certain mistakes we all wish we had the power to prevent. Sharing my experience on this; Unfortunately for me I joined the queue of Solid C F D brokerage company. I was approached through a call,convinced they were genuine and Invested all my hard earned savings with them.

Look there are so much list of these brokers to avoid. I can only enlighten newbies and brighten up everyone that has fallen for this cheap lies.

However, I have been able to recover all my money i lost to solid c f d with the guidance of an orientated Financial Management/Recovery expert.
I’m open to share my experience on how reaching out to ; helped in getting every dime back.
Also exchanged data via whatsapp no: +1(909)3283573 if preferred.
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More info +What to do in case of scam ?
Warn your friends!

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  • Bandal 07/29/2019 at 04:25 AM

    Here is my experience with few scam brokers even though I saw an interview on Tv about how a victim who was scammed by HQbroker and 3 other similar scam brokers and was only happy to share his story cause He'd got it back through a wealth recovery group SWIFTRECOUP . COM;- .
    Now back to my experience with scam brokers, I trusted them with all my hard earned savings. These unregulated and scam brokers all have one thing in common and that thing is the ability to prey on your greed, ignorance and foolishness. This is at the heart of every scam. The view that I am smarter than everyone, special and entitled to short cuts to the riches I so obviously deserve but have been so long denied made me a victim of scam brokers such as Daniel Grant from cryptonxt and Hqbroker and few other scam brokers i tried out as well. I was blinded by ego and these scammers weaponize these traits and manipulated me into voluntarily investing in such ridiculous deals so they can take short cuts to being rich at my expense. I got scammed... Read more

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