Fraudulent website : 2222ppclgy2amp23.onion


Pseudonym1A Quality Credit Cards Store
Url / Websitehttp://2222ppclgy2amp23.onion/
Scam contentsyou pay but they dont deliver the cards
Your comments / analysisbiggest scam out if you are a carder they get you to buy cards promising so much no risk prepain key cards with pin numbers once you pay they dont reoply to your msges and block you while every body spends between 100 to 300 they say everying is risk free they are operating out of philipines and also run anotherr sister site and that ome gets you to register and pay $50 to look and there site and prises you that the $50 will go towards what you buy but no site or no rely from them ill post that seperate .. A1cards are a scann and the sites all done well to lure you in more ....they use protomail for emails and onion server and oage for the site ..and you know why they use that so it cant be traced to them ..
More info +What to do in case of scam ?
Warn your friends!


  • 1A Quality Credit Cards 01/01/2019 at 07:54 PM

    SCAMMER, same shit, give money and after no repply,
    dont trust the feedback on the website that say "is the only one legit the best etc." all bullshit.

  • Seeyousoon 02/05/2019 at 03:46 AM

    100% Scammers....without question. DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY!!!

  • Andrew 02/19/2019 at 05:23 AM


    I find most of sellers on Dark web are fake, I tried with above 742798919 ICQ few days back, he took away money and never replied even I can see he read my messages.

    After I find new seller from other site and he perfectly sell what he said, Do not trust any other sellers. You can buy stuff like Credit cards, Paypal, drugs etc..

    If you need, add his ICQ: 746 718 254 or Tox id: D2AD0A23C95C352250BC3EF470C6DDAFA046A6FAEAE33981CB26A28B570C110B2AEEC742F009

    If someone claim to fake him, do not trust. he is really reliable & trustworthy.


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