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Your comments / analysisFiz uma compra de $13,48 e foi cobrado no meu cartao o valor de $700 reais
tento falar com eles para que cancelem a compra e não consigo.
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  • christie hart 01/12/2019 at 03:27 AM

    please becareful if you see this site off facebook thats where learned of it it claimed it denied my card yet charged it anyways more than once no confirmation or tracking on their so called orders yet charged took money off anyways smh dont order from them or try? smh

  • Saikiran Dusari 02/03/2019 at 01:12 AM

    Yes, I’m also the victim of this fraud. got some baby stuff and the money deducted from my creditcard. Not sure whom to report this scam. Received an email from advising the delivery will be in 3-4 days. Now the website is not working too. How and whom to report this problem?

  • Carolina 02/12/2019 at 11:40 PM

    Same here! I bought something for 2usd and I was charged with 100!!!

    My bank says nothing to do and they don’t reply

  • Joyce 02/15/2019 at 08:36 PM

    I just bought something for $2.97 and got a confirmation of items I bought for $150.+ . Now what do I do?

  • Rosie 02/18/2019 at 06:26 AM

    The same has just happened to me Joyce... Sounds as thou I have bought the same product as you and was charged the same.... email them, contact them, no damn reply

  • Duane 02/21/2019 at 12:51 PM

    yep I've been got too ordered spotlights for $2.09 and had an 18 item list sent and Au$146 gone bank done nothing reported to ACORN but no news yet and no way to contact

  • Jerry 02/26/2019 at 02:47 AM

    this seems to be the identical thing that happen to me .ordered 15.94 worth of stuff as soon as they got my credit card the charge was suddenly 159.00. pretty hard to prove to the bank

  • Gene 03/03/2019 at 01:54 AM

    same here ordered one item and got a shipping list of 10 items for over $200. tried to cancel with no luck within minutes. contacted the bank and tried to stop says wait till paid by them and then file a complaint now have to wait 2 weeks and the bank will tell you to contact them LOTS OF LUCK WITH THAT,,,,so the bank only stalls you and tells you to resolve it yourself.

  • Fool1966 03/06/2019 at 08:06 PM

    ADVERTISED DOG BED FOR $ 4.29 WHICH I ordered it on February 2nd however I was billed $104. Never received a confirmation No. Tried calling and emailing. To date, have not received item and bank says there is really nothing I can do because I don't have proof that my order was really only $5
    I did get a new debit card to hopefully avoid any further charges.

  • PG 03/23/2019 at 12:02 AM

    SAME SHIT HAPPENED TO ME. got charged $105. When it said $4,99. Currently working with my bank to solve this

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