Romance Scam : 5187509452 Philip Olsen


PseudonymPhilip Olsen
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Scam contentsI met him in a date website before Christmas,he told me he went to Ukraine to do a project which will last three weeks. He asked me to transfer money to his supplier for the last material from his bank account because his hotel internet was very bad. The first transfer ($150000)was successed, he asked me to help him to transfer money($20000) to his crew again from his bank account. I did and displayed successfully. but next day he told me the second transfer wasn’t successful,and showed me his banks email,because the bank found the money transfer happened in another location,so blocked his money transfer. Then he needed help to arise money to pay his crew. That alert me he is a scammer, I checked UBS official website,his phone number,his address...., I am sure he is a scammer.
Your comments / analysisI am so proud of myself ! but I want other women not be cheated by him.
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