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Κων******* Mερκ********

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Order Number: 7335
Date Ordered: Sunday 30 December, 2018
Detailed Invoice:

1 x Timberland Men's Courtside Leather Oxford Dark Brown Gaucho Saddleback (Timberland-Footwear_549) = €16.00
Size EU44.5
1 x Timberland Men's Killington Oxford Black Blackout (Timberland-Footwear_588) = €17.00
Size EU44.5
Sub-Total: €33.00
Flat Rate (Best Way): €9.90
Total: €42.90

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Your comments / analysisI thought I was gonna buy 2 pairs of shoes...
I tried to cancel the order in time (within 24 h from the purchase) but they still deceived me. I contacted them in the email adresses above and after many days they responded and also told me the would give me a 40% refund of the money. The most bizzare thing is they actually did the transfer to my accoun BUT without asking for details like IBAN.. in my account it seems the have given a part of the money spent.
Today I received what they shipped me. Obviously not 2 pairs of shoes..Not even one pair.. but a fake Cartier golden bracelet...For God's sake!!!

I think there will be a continue...
Does anyone knows what i must do for protecting my bank account? I cannot disactivate it I need it for the loan I pay for my house
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