Social Media Scam : Central Hacker Online hacker


PseudonymCentral Hacker Online hacker
Url / Website
Scam contentsFraudulent website. Person does not know hacking. Takes 50% of money and disappears.
Known by many email addresses:
CONTACT THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK AND LOSE ALL YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT ROGUES DEFRAUDING PEOPLE OF THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY. These are their addresses so please STAY AWAY FROM THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE 100% FAKE: 317-794-1276 +1 225-800-0733 +1 312-275-2055 +1 571-286-5929 +1 628-203-5734 +1 628-203-7264 +1 778-402-5386 +1 862-930-5952 +1 973-298-5449 +1 979-429-3721 heinz on (415) 529-5282 icq 722353994 icq 726656055 jhonered@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion
Your comments / analysisFraudulent website. Person does not know hacking. Takes 50% of money and disappears.
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  • Speak truth 10/08/2019 at 01:16 PM is also scam. No work submitted and no refund.
    All these are scammers

  • Stop scams 11/06/2019 at 05:01 AM

    Hire and Hack

    FRAUD ALERT !!! SCAM !!!!

    They falsely promise they will hack in 20 hours, but need immediate payment.
    They also lie about refunding if hack not done.
    They have been scamming online gullible buyers for past 5 years (5 years they have been in this business according to them)
    Email hacker
    Database hacker
    Social Media hacker
    Mobile Phone hacker (pay pal FRIENDS AND FAMILY address in Vietnam) (pay pal FRIENDS AND FAMILY address) (pay pal FRIENDS AND FAMILY address)

    First name: Mohamed Naseem
    Last name: Nishad Ahamed
    City: Dickwella
    Zip: 81200
    County: Sri Lanka

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