Romance Scam : +447411336801 Thomas or Tommy Barnett


PseudonymThomas or Tommy Barnett
Telephone+44 7411 336801 (ou 00447411336801) (more info)
Scam contentsThis guy has been at it again! This week we matched on Tinder. He told me he was working for the United Nations in Syria (Aleppo to be precise which immediately raised a red flag with me). He told me his father was British from London, and his mother was Swiss. He said he lived in Bruderholz after having split up with his wife of 15 years. He said he had a degree in business administration but had always been interested in the military and helping people. Moved to Viber quickly at his request where he sent a message telling me about his duties. Again raising a red flag to me as it seemed they have been copied and pasted as some of the sentences used "marks", and there were a few other grammatical errors that an english-speaker probably wouldn't make. Being suspicious I asked him if we could speak on the phone and after a few hours delay, when he said he'd been cleaning weapons and working out in the gym, he said he couldn't speak on the phone due to safety reasons and he only had Viber on his computer. No other social media. I told him I was uncomfortable with this and when he asked why I said that he could be anyone, even a catfish! He said he didn't want to make me uncomfortable and would contact me by phone when he returns to Switzerland in March/April, after this last tour because he was retiring. I replied one minute later and the message was never delivered. I then noticed he had removed all photographs he had sent, along with the messages about his tour and duties.
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