Phishing : Matthieu Johnnie


PseudonymMatthieu Johnnie
Scam contentsHello My name is Mathieu Johnnie, I am currently in Wale and I would make a booking request for Family's Holiday for 2 or 4 peoples. Starting from June 1 2019 for 2 weeks or 4 weeks The information I am asking for is as follows: Date of Arrival: June 1, 2019 Departure date: June 29, 2019 Number of guests: 2 or 4 peoples Let me know if it is available for rent for the date or not Best wishes, Mathieu Johnnie

After I replied to this email offering some dates, I received the following reply:

Thank you so much for the quick respond! … Am so happy to see your
reply and also agreed with the conditions and the price listed I think
we will have a nice time there as you specially explained the fun and
how beautiful it is there, we are not at home right now will are in
Wales United Kingdom for business trip and we will be returning
straight to your place and that is why we making the booking now to
avoid any delay.

Below is our Name and address where you can send any document:

Name : Mathieu Johnnie
Home Address: 24 Pine Street,
Brockville Ontario K6V 1G4
Tell : (214) 400-5017

We'll like to complete the reservation before we get home. I'll make
an arrangement with my accountant to make and mail a cheque for the
full amount through Royal post Mail so we can be assured of our
reservation because we will like to make full payment. I will instruct
my accountant to issue the Cheque for easy cashing at your bank. So
provide me with the information she need below:

Get back to me with the details below so that you can receive the
Cheque in time

Full Name on cheque :
Home Address :
Zip code
Phone number / Cell phone

I would be very glad if you can be of a helping hand, I will be
looking forward to read back from you with the information needed
Your comments / analysisI’ve had this type of email before and don’t trust them.
More info +What to do in case of scam ?
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