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Scam contentsYou have transferred 29.00 EUR to

The order details are as follows:

Order No.: 188620160

Seller website:

Payment Date&Time: 2019-03-08 02:42:57.0

Amount: 29.00 EUR

Payment No.: PS1903080242576298

Due to the foreign exchange rate, the amount displayed on your statement might be a little bit different from the real price.

Please note "Bright Forest Technology" will be displayed on your credit card statement instead of the website from which you purchased the mentioned product.It's just used for sending bill statement by the seller's payment processor as a tool.

Should you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Services department at with the transaction details listed above.


If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us!
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  • Lilibeth 03/12/2019 at 11:37 PM

    Did you receive what you ordered? Thank you

  • Kasia 03/16/2019 at 07:48 PM

    I made order too. Waiting. Hope i will get it..

  • Ian 03/17/2019 at 08:24 AM

    As convinced as I can be that this is a scam! I have notified my bank and blocked my credit card to further transactions.

  • gonoje83 03/17/2019 at 09:39 AM


    Same thing for me just happened on website
    I made a shopping of 77.95€, then I received in my bank account a transaction of 84.75€.
    I have blocked my credit card.

  • Sham 03/18/2019 at 11:58 AM

    I’ve been had by these too. I messaged them instantly as soon as I seen Singapore come up in transaction receipt. I’ve also just received Netflix notification asking for me to update my payment details.... I DONT HAVE NETFLIX.... any advice?

  • Scott 03/18/2019 at 10:50 PM

    hi guys.... another website
    ive ordered a philips ppa5650 screeneo airmouse from that site €20.99 & payment on my bank account shown as "Bright Forest Technology"
    Had no email confirmation from the company but i have raised issue with bank due to previous comments here.

  • gem 03/19/2019 at 04:26 AM

    another website is: PNMHW GOODS

  • Jem 03/19/2019 at 07:47 PM

    My son purchased a BMX with his saved up pocket money. Nothing came and couldn’t get hold of the company which are on the internet www. His bank account shows bright forest technology had taken the money £142. Can’t get hold of any one and had some fake ray ban glasses sent from an address in China IT IS A SCAM COMPANY!

    • scott1801 03/29/2019 at 02:27 PM

      yup me rayban black sunglasses

  • Joel 03/20/2019 at 12:53 AM

    Yes it's a robber... Site is - - -

    I make payment of 35eur and try to contact the website and nothing.... The money go to bright forest technology. It's a world we leaving it.. Google make something for a better world.

  • SA 03/20/2019 at 11:31 AM

    I just placed an order.. and soon noticed it might be a scam.. I’m still a student and I don’t know what to do.. the purchase cost me a month of my living expenses.. went to the bank they said nothing they could do for me as the money has been transferred.. unless I deal with the dealer but there’s no way I could contact the dealer..

  • Mullion 03/23/2019 at 09:38 AM

    I have also been a victim of this scam. The purchased I made was via I am contacting trading standards

  • RMS3489 03/28/2019 at 02:57 AM

    Ordered Oroton bag & Wallet. Thought it was a scam after I ordered and it went from AUD to SGD to USD. Emailed straight away to cancel and no response.
    Was charged almost immediately plus extra $15 to the original cost.
    Few weeks later received a scarf!!! Emailed them immediately and asked for refund. Was told the item was out of stock and they offered me 25% refund and said I could give it to a friend! Emailed them again and said it wasn't good enough. They offered 28%. Emailed them again and said 100% plus the cost to return the ugly scarf. They came back with 35% and only after I paid the shipping and returned the scarf. Have lodged a claim with my bank on the credit card transaction.
    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY for anything.
    They will not fix this. They are crooks and scammers.

  • Scott 03/29/2019 at 02:22 PM is another site....i received shiny £1,50 sunglasses from them today instead of my Philips Screeneo air mouse remote control @ €20.99
    reported to bank & i have emailed the company asking for a returns address

  • lightweight 04/03/2019 at 08:37 AM

    I made a payment to and the payment went to Bright Forest Technology in Singapore.

  • Vivi Bitri 04/03/2019 at 01:39 PM

    I wish I could see those messages before !!! As I can see all of them are from Mars 2019 . I get an ugly , cheap hat today instead of my New Balance sneakers. I was such a fool to order . DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING!!!

  • Alex 04/03/2019 at 02:12 PM

    Hi guys, i want to buy a guitar from yamahaushop, is that a good website?

  • Samuel 04/03/2019 at 07:12 PM

    I bought a Yamaha guitar at I'm sure it's fraud. I'll block my card! Has anyone here received any product?

  • Dinah 04/04/2019 at 06:33 AM

    I purchased a 3 way dog leash but instead received a cheap ugly scarf, no response to my email and have sent them another. Have lodge a dispute claim with my bank to look into it. I guess if they didn't send you something cheap then they wouldn't have a tracking number to give you. I think I am going to stick to ebay from now on.

  • Tj 04/04/2019 at 11:22 AM

    I ordered for a suitcase from and the payment went to bright forest technology singapore. There is no confirmation about the order so this is a scam. I lost almost 70€ for it.

  • Anafcc 04/05/2019 at 12:34 AM

    Hi anyone buy from this company BRIGHT FOREST TECHNOLOGY...?

  • Brendan 04/05/2019 at 03:23 AM

    don't do it total scam got a scarf instead of shirts and will not reply. save your money

  • Sevàn 04/05/2019 at 12:21 PM

    Actually, an analysis of this website through the ScamDoc reliability tool gives very doubtful result : 1% trust rate.
    More explanations about this tool developed by our team to counter scams in our blog :

  • cazza 04/05/2019 at 01:47 PM

    Same ordered and paid for Oroton bag and received a scarf, SCAM

  • Christine 04/05/2019 at 05:22 PM

    I too received a scarf. Instead of cutlery worth £100 advertised on website.

    I will try to get money back. If I have any luck, I will post here again.

  • brandon 04/05/2019 at 09:55 PM

    i bought 2 boots and they sent me tracking number. i dont expect i will get boots maybe it must be scarf or other rubbish.

  • CHRISTOPHER 04/08/2019 at 06:36 PM

    This is a scam. Caught on 17 Mar 19 by these people.

  • Staff 04/10/2019 at 03:00 AM

    I ordered some Clark's sandals from direct appliance . Thankfully on my barclaycard. Was charged £72.65 received a fake baseball cap. Barclaycard are investigating and said I will get my money back. Total scam. Bright Forest technology is on Singapore. I didn't realise this till shown on my statement. Hopefully Barclaycard will get money back and shut these scammers down

  • Sherilyn 04/11/2019 at 12:50 AM

    I ordered 2 pairs of vincci shoes cost SGD31. 49 with Bright Forest Technology. Lastly I get the lausy bracelet.

  • Poppy 04/13/2019 at 09:11 AM

    Same as above, I ordered two pairs of boots and they deducted more money than requested, they then sent a tracking number for the goods which when they finally arrived was a cheap scarf in place of the boots. I have attempted to contact the company with no success. Disgusting.

  • Ani 04/14/2019 at 11:48 AM

    This is a cheat .. Do not order!!!!

  • Willis 04/21/2019 at 12:28 PM

    Bought sunglasses cost me over 100$ Canada and right alway after statement saw bright forest tec . And new it was a scam I’d shoot and kill the fucks that did this if I could find them. . Hope Singapore gets bombed

  • Mat 04/22/2019 at 10:45 AM

    More fool me! Ordered 4 pairs of RMW boots..... what an idiot..... received a very ugly very fake Gucci belt.... cross is an understatement

  • Woo 04/22/2019 at 10:52 AM

    I order tamaris boots paid just u der 50.00..saw bright forest come up..had tracking number and received a bracelet worth less a few pounds..I sent pictures if goods received asking for refund..they have emailed back offering 37.5 % which I have refused. I have block my card ..has anyone had a refund from them direct ?? Have they tried a second deducting from the credit card?? Cheers woo

  • Al with the new scarf 04/24/2019 at 09:45 PM

    Ordered some trainers, payment went through as Bright Forest, today I received my sweat-shop scarf.
    Well who's laughing now twats? I'm gonna wear this itchy scarf every day until it falls to bits (I give it 2 weeks), nobody would have noticed my swanky new Adidas but they'll notice my scarf from Liberace's wardrobe.

  • L 04/24/2019 at 11:53 PM

    This is a SCAM, I ordered 2 HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, X7N07A, Print Social Media Photos On 2x3 Sticky-Backed and HP Sprocket Photo Paper, Exclusively For HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer, (2x3-Inch),

    The total item cost £81, to my surprise, they took almost £400 from my account for items that I didn't order. VOID completely.

    I am going through my bank to dispute this.

  • dee 07/04/2019 at 10:06 PM

    total scam artists usually crap sent fake ring instead of ordererd parka coat raised a fraud incident with my Bank just recieved my money back so raise an issue of fraud Bright forest are well known

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