Donation Scam : Abdulla Al Futtaim Grants


PseudonymAbdulla Al Futtaim Grants
Scam contentsDear Beneficiary,

Congratulations, we are pleased to announce that you are eligible to receive US $ 890,000.00 (eight hundred and nine hundred thousand US dollars) grants that have been provided to you by Abdullah Al-Futtaim Family Donation. Funds will be used to "promote cultural understanding" "We are responsible for the International Awareness Association of the Abdullah Al-Futtaim Foundation, we congratulate you for your success and have become a winner of these grants through a random online process that has been cut off from major search engines around the world.

The family of Abdullah Al-Futtaim provides charity without limits. We support, cooperate in and start charity projects around the world. Regardless of gender, race or religion. If you are launching or participating in a project aimed at promoting cultural understanding, community development, empowering women or empowering young people, you may be eligible for a grant. We collaborate with a range of charitable, governmental and educational organizations to combat poverty, empower women and youth, develop communities, provide disaster relief, and create cultural understanding through education. Together, we can build bridges for a more compassionate, tolerant and accepting world.
Your comments / analysisI do not know if this is true or a deception?
More info +What to do in case of scam ?
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  • edlien khoury 09/08/2019 at 11:59 AM

    Could you please advise if this transaction is a SCAM or true donation

    did somebody who have received the above email complete the transaction and receive the money

  • صالح 11/18/2019 at 11:05 AM

    many messages had the same contents. how can I know its true or not?



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