Romance Scam : The commander Cleaz Savoyen Jean-Pierre


PseudonymThe commander Cleaz Savoyen Jean-Pierre
Scam contentsGood Morning

We made a data-processing seizure for act of: pornography, perverse and procuring, paedophile, on the computer network.

This constitutes an infringement on the computer network and an offence punished by the law within sight of articles 706-35-1 and 706-47-3 of the criminal procedure code.
It should be known that we have just undertaken deepened information, we have in our possession several evidence, concerning your infringement.

I make a point of telling you that this is not a joke if you do not take account of it as you think it, knowing that you adopted attitudes in pornographic matter with minor, whose law prohibits that. For your good and your family, we make a point of telling you to return in contact with our legal institution, we are in charge of this business.

As a person in charge like you, I advise you not to flee your responsibilities. I am not there to blame your reputation and to harm your life, but if you force me, I will be obliged to proceed by the strong manner, in order to put your naked photographs on the table of the ambassador, like all parts justifying your incrimination with respect to this business, so that a legal proceeding is launched against you, whose gendarmerie of your city will undertake your arrest for a firm judgement.

Your information will be put on the Net and will be transmitted to the press for the publication of your photographs.

P.S. Your colleagues will be with the perfume of what you do on the Net with the minor ones, because they will have your naked photographs on the Net, they will have access to your information.

The commander Cleaz Savoyen Jean-Pierre
Policier in juvenile bureau



Following several attempts made via e-mail in order to find a dispute, either solve this problem amicably but given your resistance.

We are obliged to inform you that your photos of you naked, ie the coins with convictions will be published and given to the local press and
International (TF1 - France 2, 3, 5 - i> TELE - FACEBOOK - TWITTER - YOUTUBE - FRANCE24 - AFP (Agence France Presse) and to your friends for an exclusive publication.

Finally, please make the arrangements in place to follow the procedure at our level to get you out of this kind of problem?
Otherwise, you will assume the consequences.

Please receive our best regards
Your comments / analysisI've read about a similar case here:
I received also an email from the same adres as mentioned in that link above.

They threaten to make the so called pornographic material public, which is also bizarre.

It is not trustworthy and I don't live In France.
Also the accusations are untrue and false. It is only threatening.
It should be hard to believe it comes from government, police etc.
More info +What to do in case of scam ?
Warn your friends!
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