Other Scam : cs3@customerservicehome.com


Fraudulent emailcs3@customerservicehome.com
Scam contentsDear customer,

Thanks for your email.

There is no update on the logistic system, your order may lost during the transporting.

In this case, considering your biggest benefit,how about we give you 40% refund of the product's value as a compensation?

Hope you can understand that we also lost the product.

Waiting for your reply.

Best Regards!

First email I received . I can forward back saying the full payments will be refunded in full. Now only 40%? Its been 2months since I purchased losing $180.00 not accepting if actions aren't made I will be reporting the website .
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Your comments / analysisReading all the comments. Having exzacly the same issue, received tracking number 2 days later, email : stating no one will be in the office so no parcel deliveries from date:
Now email address is not found, no repky and $180 out of pocket .
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  • Blue 10/29/2019 at 09:40 AM

    They definitely are a scan. I purchased a robe from them and they sent me the ugliest glasses that I have ever seen! I contacted them and informed them that I wanted a complete refund. I was also going through a difficult time in which my father had a stroke and he has been bedridden for the past 3 months and told them that I am not able to do this back and forth negotiating. I accepted a 70% refund and am on a mission to let everyone know that they are indeed a scam. Should have at least hesitated by the look of their website!

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