Other Scam : dr.o.mualla@gmail.com +908503902795 Suleman Mualla


Fraudulent emaildr.o.mualla@gmail.com
PseudonymSuleman Mualla
Url / Websitewww.kibc-kh.com
Telephone+90 850 390 2795 (ou 00908503902795) (more info)
Scam contentsDear YOUR NAME,

Thank you for responding. Please let me explain more about the reasons why I contacted you so that you can understand clearly why I reached out to you.

My desire in contacting you is for you to help me and my family to get out of the suffering that we are going through here in Syria because of the protracted civil war that has claimed close to half a million lives, and have rendered countless million like me and my family refugees in Syria. We are originally from Aleppo City but had to flee to Damascus when the city was destroyed in the fighting between Assad's Army and the Free Syria Rebel Army in 2013.

What I want you to help me to do is to re-invest my funds in your country. I was a businessman in Aleppo before the civil war. My business has been destroyed by the war. Our economy has collapsed since 2012. There is no meaningful economic activities going on in Syria, and there will be none for the foreseeable future even if the war stops today as it will take more than a decade to re-build our infrastructure and our economy. I want to emigrate to your country as an investor as I still have a substantial part of my cash holdings intact.

I want to go into a business partnership with you through which the investments will be made. That is why I want to enter into a partnership with you even though that any investment or business I set up will be funded 100% wholly by me. All I need from your is your local expertise which will be crucial for any business I set up or investment that I do to succeed.

Please advise.
Suleman Mualla.
Your comments / analysisHello everyone. These scammers are based in Cambodia! They are smart and have good conversation! First e-mail was:

How are you doing?.
I am soliciting for your kind recommendation or advice on any short term and highly lucrative investment concept in your country.
Also I want to know if a foreign investor can build or acquire permanent residence home?.

Looking forward to your mail.
Suleman Mualla.
According to the scammer he got my contact on LinkedIn. After answering your email, he responds with another email (sulemanmualla31@gmail.com), which will be used to detail the plan. If you ask him about his ID he will send passport and family's pictures. Note that passport uses the same template used on the following scam:


After some conversation, he asks you to open an account in a Cambodian bank that does not exist. Check the contact at the bank:

Contact Person: Mr. Sot Sovanna,
Bank Name: Khmer Industrial Banking Corporation,
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Contact Telephone Number: +855 86 283 791
Contact email address: info@kibc-kh.com
  • This poor guy supposed to be Mr. Mualla and his wife, Alesha.
  • (supposed) Mr. Mualla and his daughter.
  • This is a fake passport. Look the same template on my comments.
More info +What to do in case of scam ?
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  • +90 850 390 2795


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