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Scam contentsPeople have left comments stating they paid for products they never recieved
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DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE! I ordered a minnie mouse back bag for my 2 year old and ended up not needing it. The money immediately came out of my account. When they send you the emailed reciept it states if you want to cancel for any reason just respond to this email and the order will be canceled and refunded. DID NOT HAPPEN. After I got no response or refund I called the company the next morning (still within those 24 hours) very unhappy, and all the lady had for me was excuses. "We never recieved an email, we never sent an email, the order is already processed, can't help you. I was insanely frustrated and felt very disrespected I continued to tell her I have the email from the company, and I have the email I sent in on record and was not hanging up the phone until I got my refund. I calmly asked for her supervisor and she said there wasn't one there. Not one there? What kind of company dosen't have a supervisor. After the hour long arugmented and highly inappropriate phone call she agreed to the refund. I recieved the refund email within an hour and still no refund. I called 5 days later to give the bank time to process the refund and the man told me he would process a report. If this goes any further I am contacting the business bureau and having them black listed for a very long list of violations.
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  • Lynelle Christensen 07/04/2019 at 02:58 AM

    Yep I got caught I'm been waiting for 9 wks for my order they told me to call them.
    I've tried and it said not connected. What to do next?

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