Loan Scam : +14698440707 Ben Giles Walker CEO of GGI (Global Group Inv


PseudonymBen Giles Walker CEO of GGI (Global Group Inv
Url /
Telephone+1 469-844-0707 (ou 0014698440707) (more info)
Scam contentsThanks. Do you have a business or project to finance. We can help you with Loan.

Thank you, for your interest in our financing. We are releasing funds only to business owners not individuals at 4.3% interest rate per annum.

Our loans are flexible as part of the GGI project Investment program. You can be approved within 7-14 days for financing.

Loan terms and conditions can be found on our website

Then you can also check our brochure

If you have more questions, you can reach us through email:
John You can drop your email so I send you application form.

Please find attached the basic information that will guide you obtain our Loan and application form to start up the process.


Your comments / analysisI'm reporting the one use Pseudo Giles Walker CEO of GLOBAL GROUP INVESTORS (GGI) and James Fubart.

He contacted me in order to provide a quick loan/financing for our projects, we started to exchange emails. He sent me a contract (MoU) for the loan and the conditions was to transfer to him USD 5,500 as legal charges and business loan closing fees.

On the end of the contract, he used a USA Law Firm of Mr John Guin as his Witness but when we contacted that Law firm to confirm the authentication of their signature and stamp on the contract they decline to know anything about GLOBAL GROUP INVESTORS or even Ben Giles Walker.

We continued for deep Due Diligence and we found that the address used was fake. he cancelled Immediately his linked account after inform him that he is a scammer. His LinkedIn account was:

Please find attached information regarding this issue and below are his information used to contact me:


Giles Walker (Supposed to be the CEO)
Phone: +1 (469) 844-0707

James Fubart (Supposed to be Public Financing & Loan Depart.)
Phone: +1 (516) 234-6376
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telephone number analysis +1 469-844-0707

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  • +1 469-844-0707


  • JBosco.senga 05/09/2019 at 02:04 AM

    Be careful with the people supposed to be the loan providers, especially the one says quick loan, easy loans... There is no easy money in this world before you transfer any fees be sure 100% that you are sending fees to the right people. Don't send any of your/ your company document before you be sure about the one who gonna receive it, he may use them in his next scam....

    • angelamagwel 05/11/2019 at 01:13 PM

      JBosco.senga, I see you are just a fraud star who claimed to be a CEO with stolen document and forged credentials.
      I was informed yesterday that your loan was cancelled because your revenue/tax clearance was forged as the team confirmed and canceled loan immediately.
      meanwhile we will not act in an unprofessional manners to share companies private documents on the Internet get ready.

  • angelamagwel 05/11/2019 at 01:04 PM

    Dear admin,

    My name is Angela Magwel.

    An employee of Global Group Investors currently serving as an IT Officer, In Texas USA.

    our attention has been drawn to the post on the Internet by one J. Bosco, who claim to be the CEO of Infrasnsco Ltd Rwanda, Obtaining our business loan there are several measures and requirements carried out as the ethic of the organization, of which the said borrower failed to comply with after approving his business loan.

    The said borrower did not pay a cent in any form neither

    Money was illegally collected from him.

    Having read your complains, I bring to your notice that our attorneys are now informed about this aligations on the Internet, which the court of law will address shortly.

    Who whosoever published this without proper investigation or confirmation of information must be brought to judgement.... Read more

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