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PseudonymBirkenstock shoes
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Scam contentsBirkenstocks
Your comments / analysisordered 3 pair of shoes and would not accept my cc, I should have known, to good to be tue
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  • Rikki 05/16/2019 at 06:50 AM is an absolutely fraudulent and predatory "seller" of "discounted converse tennis shoes. After searching for lowest online prices for chuck taylor all stars, this site fooled me into purchasing a pair of size 43 women's dainty black low tops for "26.00 and change. Promised to ship in 2 business days bt standard US postal service the total cost i agreed to was 32 odd dollars. On may 15 2019 i submitted my request at approximately 1 pm on Friday. I was directed to create an account with the "CLUB" to proceed. I was asked to provide email, phone, shipping address, and OF COURSE MY CHECKING ACCOUNT INFORMATION- i was promised a confirmation email to IMMEDIATELY Follow that particular "THANK YOU page- I SAVED THIS "APPRECIATION" to my home screen via the chrome menu and instantly returned to my home screen to check my email for the legitimate proof of purchase and tracking number. I have a screen shot of the default title chrome suggested i save this page as:

    "thank you for your business".
    After checking both primary and secondary email inboxes and spam folders and finding NOTHING i immediately selected the icon saved to my home page to reread the communications that UNDOUBTEDLY were meant to fraudulently confirm that i would INDEED BE CHARGED FOR PURCHASE and upon hitting the icon i was directed to the login screen and shown an "oops! Your session has expired!" Message and upon LOGGING BACK INTO CONVERSECAT.CLUB - NO RECORD OF MY PURCHASE or the THANK YOU i saved existed at all. Within 5 minutes of submission of my info i received an alert from my bank informing me:... Read more

  • Hicham Rxo 05/16/2019 at 01:09 PM

    this scam site is absolutely agressive !
    it is not a mistake on their part, indeed, it is an extortion of a rare violence in this kind of fake sites!
    You did well to denounce it, and to protect yourself, good luck to you and thank you for your testimony.

    unfortunately, sites like these repel from their rotten roots, permanently, the job to clean the Net of this is gigantic (but not impossible!)

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