Loan Scam : Donald Lambert


PseudonymDonald Lambert
Scam contentsHello.

you can always count on us, we offer 100% secured loan offer, all we need is a trustworthy client, someone we can always count on ..

you need loan to pay your debts .......
need loans to finance or start a project or
you need loan to buy a house .......
need loans to invest ........

tell me exactly how much loan you want?
the exact duration of the loan?

We offer loans of $ 5,000 (minimum) to $ 5,999,000 (maximum), at an interest rate of 2%, if we give you the credit, use it for a period of three months, before refund monthly money back.

so tell me the exact amount you want ??
What is the term of the loan (how much would refund monthly like) ??
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