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Pseudonymworldwide online finance
Scam contentsLEGALIZATION FEE; LEGALIZATION FEE: Your loan has been approved; this is in accordance with the financial monetary policy regulations. And a Loan Legalization fee must be paid by the borrower to our company's Attorney before the approved amount is payout which will be used to acquire legal contract documents between borrower and WORLDWIDE ONLINE FINANCE to back up your loan to show that the monthly repayment will be done in due time and this amount CANNOT be deducted from the principal approved loan amount however it must be paid to complete the loan process. The Loan Legalization Fee stands at the rate of € for a loan of € REASONS FOR THIS CONTRACT DOCUMENTS: It will help us to secure the loan amount in the event of insolvency and protracted default from redeeming the terms such in the case of death, retrenchment from operation, bad debt and troubles arising from economic downturn or poor production. This request was made based on the fact that you provided NO COLLATERAL.
*Office Address :239 Avon Avenue Newark NJ07108.
*Contact Number / Whats-app NO: +(919)504-4166.
*Company is Registered in U.S.A.
Your comments / analysisthis idiot offers such garbage ,do not try to pay ,the legal private creditor does not need to take money from you in advance.this fraud
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