Fraudulent website : 6506958482


PseudonymSwing Computers
Url / Website
Scam contentsComputers and computer parts.
Your comments / analysisThis seems a fishy site. It seems they sell a lot of genuine products and also many fake products for example a fake i7 4790K. To add to this they show the company is located in the middle of a park in Redwood City CA next Delphi International, to me this is a very strange location that supposedly is selling computers/computer parts considering when you search for the location on Google Maps and go to the satellite mode it shows no building. It seems like they've just chosen a random location without putting any thought into it, they also mention that they have a store in Plainfield NJ but as of yet not found anything to indicate that this is true.

Personally I'd stay well away from Swing Computers.
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