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The facebook page came through from trusted info savvy friends and I jumped onboard to order a pair of Van slip on shoes and a hoodie for the gym. My husband came storming up asking why I'd processed 2 payments to China on Mastercard.
My payment was AU $84.76 and we were charged $104.19 and $92.78. I sent off emails to the addresses given and received nothing back. I tried to go back into the website but could not.
I checked with my trusted friends but not seen the page let alone share and like it. When I looked at their page it has a number of mutual friends attached so we can safely assume there are others in our circle who have done the same.
Then, a few days later I received a Hermes (knockoff) scarf from these people. Like I needed another scarf!
I will now contact the bank and see if they can assist in any way although we do not want to cancel our Mastercard, causing havoc within.
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