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Scam contentsI ordered an LED make up mirror on 4/16/2019.. I never received it and I was charged for it
Your comments / analysisI would like the mirror or my money back
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  • Jo 06/16/2019 at 06:18 PM

    I ordered and paid around the same time and never received my product either

  • Amy 06/19/2019 at 02:46 PM

    Same!! Ughhh I order two of them!!

    Does anyone know what we can do this about this??

  • Zecilly 06/20/2019 at 03:46 PM

    I as well.. How can we get a refund.

  • TMB6119 06/28/2019 at 12:43 AM

    You will have to go through FaceBook (or I did because that is were I saw the ad), or just go to your bank. I bank with PayPal business debit card and they actually caught it and sent the money back to me today. I thought I bought a kayak, I thought the deal was to good to be true and turns out it was. But I guess if they put enough of these offers up alot will fall through the cracks and they will still get quite a bit of money. It was under {CL TOP marketing sdn}

  • Jewell 06/30/2019 at 04:30 AM

    I bought 2 lighted mirrors around the same time as the above posts, I have not yet received it but I was charged for them . I want the mirrors or my money back as well. Bought from the ad on Facebook.

  • Lialivia 07/14/2019 at 05:44 AM

    Same here! From Facebook the mirror jewelry box

  • Sarah gonzalez 09/12/2019 at 01:11 AM

    Me to I bought the jewelry boxes two of them paid 34.99 what do I need to do I got ripped off never got my items my order was 4/20/19

  • Brenda 09/28/2019 at 03:21 AM

    I ordered a makeup armoire with LED lights on 4/27, I was charged and I never got it. Saw ad on Facebook. Company said

  • Paula Roberts 03/31/2020 at 07:06 PM

    I had ordered a makeup armoire and was charged for it, on 4/19/19. I had been e-mailing and got responses until I told them I wanted my money back. Now I get no response at all. What can we do to get our money back ?

  • e 03/31/2020 at 09:27 PM

    Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a FIXD diagnostic bluetooth reader for $30.99.3/9/2020 Never received it they have never replied to my email.



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