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Fraudulent emailsupport@jdonline.com
Scam contentsOnline shopping scam
Your comments / analysisIt’s a moond online shopping store where’s they received money by credit cards and never shipped your products.
  • This is my order confirmation on moonds online store
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  • Sylina 06/19/2019 at 02:48 AM

    Fraud- can't give a 0 star, but would if I could. Not only is their website fraudulent, as evidence by the thousands of aliases associated w/ their e-mail, but product is charged for more than invoice and is never shipped and there is no f/u by them. Charge disputed. But then, a week later, fraud activity appears on that card from every kind of business, even a dentist, from all over the U.S., so clearly they not only took the credit card company for the initial purchase, but sold the info from the card. Given 1 research website says there are 11,000+ names associated w/ jdonline.com, they can come & go & hide forever. I'm a fraud investigator & the websites look so legit, even VISA extra layer of security protection on sites, but there is no merchandise. I Googled company before shopping and there was nothing bad about them. After merchandise didn't ship, Googled e-mail address. Hundreds of companies then show up w/ problems, all like mine. Before you buy from any new company selling any product, because they have fake sites for every kind of merchandise (mine was bedding, other Tumi luggage, shoes, etc), check the e-mail for support@jdonline.com or any variation w/ jdonline.com, the one common link to all the fraudulent sites. If you see it, run!

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