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PseudonymEmilio Vitale
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Scam contents----- Forwarded message -----
From: Vitale Emilio
To: xx
Sent: Tuesday, 18 June 2019, 17:23:03 CEST
Subject: Apartment for rent in Rue de Stassart 127, 1050 Ixelles, 60 m² with 1 bedroom for 510 € per month

Hi, My name is Emilio, first I would like to apologize for my late reply but I had a lot of work lately, now I can check my email. I received an email of interest in renting my apartment. The apartment is available, quiet, has all facilities and utilities: TV, parking, laundry, air conditioning, high speed internet, pets are allowed.
It's still for rent at the price of 510 € per month, also important is that the additional costs (water, electricity, internet, digital television) are included in the price.
I bought the apartment for my daughter to accommodate her stay during college but now she finished her 5 years of study, got her diploma and she decided to move back to England so this is the reason I rent it for a longer period of time.I figured that it's better to rent it, not sell it as I consider it as a long term investment. We do have a solution for this inconvenience so you can move in as soon as possible.
We can offer you more details if you are interested. For what period do you need it? I would like more information about you if you do not mind.
Thank you for your interest and look forward to a future cooperation and friendship.

Respectfully yours,
Vitale Emilio
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