Loan Scam : 0756872401 Reyfinancainter


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Telephone07 56 87 24 01 (more info)
Scam contents- no you have no fees to pay before receiving the loan all fees will be paid after receiving the loan
- you will also have to send me the card by DHL or by post
- if you can come to France we will give you our address and you will join us it does not cause us any problem
- Here is our address of our company: 224 Boulevard de la Plage, 33120 Arcachon, France
- yes we have an agency on Lille, 70 rue des sarrazins,59000 Lille , France
- Our agency is on the second floor. it's not the headquarters of the agency that's why you do not see it. Do not worry when you arrive we will receive you there.
- keep your identity card on your credit card and 500 euros, it's not a fee you keep the 500 euros on you to complete formalities that's all
- take the Transcash and come back to the address I join you
Your comments / analysisScammer starts with the things he asks no upfront fees, then goes into some nonsense about needing the card to make some checks and deposit the loan. Is saying he or she is ready to meet in their companies office. in the time of the meeting does not show up, instead asking to buy a Transcash card and show it.
WhatsApp number is using the picture of some instagram doll, obviosuly used in dating scams also
  • picture of Whatsapp profile
More info +What to do in case of scam ?
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telephone number analysis 07 56 87 24 01

Phone number typeCell phone number
Other formats
  • 0756872401
  • 07 56 87 24 01
  • 07-56-87-24-01
International format
  • +33 7 56 87 24 01
Telephone companyON/OFF
TerritoryNuméro virtuel

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