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Scam contentsMerchandise was charged from my credit card but never received, numerous customer service contacts were given but never a single reply to multiple inquiries.
Your comments / analysisThey charge you for what you order (my order was two pairs of yoga pants) but never send anything. I opened a dispute with Paypal and during that ordeal, they provided me with multiple different customer contact info but they never replied to a single message, and I sent a few dozen. They couldnt supply me with working tracking info but Paypal very quickly declined my dispute in their favor because they SAID it was delivered. I informed Paypal that I could prove in three different ways that I did not receive the package and that it was never sent to begin with but apparently Paypal is siding with the scammers these days. They wouldnt even allow me to send in my evidence proving my side of the issue, they couldn't care less and let these scammers rip me off. Buyer beware, avoid at all costs or you'll be ripped off!!
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  • Diane 09/17/2019 at 11:44 PM

    I ordered two pairs of pants from this company. It took a month to receive the items. Their products are inferior. Sent items back and now company is refusing to give me a refund. Yes, they are a scam.

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