Other Scam : garant , admin,


Pseudonymgarant , admin,
Url / Websitedublikat-biz.in
Scam contentsthey are asking to use some kind of guarantee service which is user of that scam forum.
when you are sending BTC they are changing wallet address on your inbox.
if you will send second time too then they will block your user and that's all.
if you will do another user and tell admin of that page that guarant guy is ass hole and he blocked you he will say that this man took everyons money and gone...
so not only you lost money...
after this they are still requesting money ... :D :D :D

dont belive not each word
full website is scam and it is made by 1 or 2 persons
Your comments / analysis100% scam
100% scam
dont trust any of them
dublikat is full scam
More info +What to do in case of scam ?
Warn your friends!
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