Other Scam : Satellite Phone Solutions


PseudonymSatellite Phone Solutions
Scam contentsad on fb page was for an airfryer...for total of $12.99.
Your comments / analysisad on page was for an airfryer...for total of $12.99.

Charged my charge card under the name of
Tuohengda - Ltd. Ch in the amount of $63.72.

Immediately messaged them through their site that I did not approve that amount and to cancel the order.

Did not send me a receipt, a verification of sales, nothing.

Filed a claim with my charge card, but there is no phone number listed for it and the phone number for Satellite Phone Solutions 561-245-5203 returned a call I made to them and said they had no idea what I was talking about but I have a copy of the fb ad and it definitely says Satellite Phone Solutions.
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