Other Scam : lilyowen039@gmail.com Lily Owen


Fraudulent emaillilyowen039@gmail.com
PseudonymLily Owen
Scam contentsHello dear,
Nice to meet you here
My name is Lily Owen
I am very sorry i don't have much access here,i saw your profile i became interested to know more about you,please contact me direct to my email ( lilyowen039@gmail.com ) i have something important to discuss with you
Your comments / analysisShe sent me this through LinkedIn and it's weird because if she is a high ranking official in a financial institution such as Citi she won't be reaching me directly through a direct message. Her LinkedIn connection is just 80 people. Also, I checked about her lilyowen039 Gmail account and it will really show it's used for a romance scam. Her LinkedIn account has a different email though michelle@bigskyproductions.net
Other referenceshttps://www.signal-arnaques.com/en/scam/view/199233
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  • Cise 03/10/2020 at 05:30 PM

    She almost scammed me, she told me to claim a deceased Libyan person

  • Stay Away Far from Lily Owen 07/13/2020 at 09:55 PM

    this is what she said try to scam

    How are you doing today? How is your work and family? Hope you're doing great with good health. It's a great joy to meet you at this moment. I would like to know more about you and your nation. Okay. Let me tell you little about myself, and with time you will know me more. I am Mrs.Lily Owen, My age is 51 years old, I have no child. I'm from Bukhara but I live here in the UK. My house address No.5 Eamont Close, Leicester, LE2 9PA, United Kingdom.

    I contacted you for a reason. I need a best friend whom i can trust, because i don't want to be hurt or disappointed like before. I need a kind, honest person that I can trust and who can work with me and handle a charity foundation project there in your country. I have been struggling with Pancreatic cancer for a few years, and am now gradually killing me. I know you will be a good partner whom I can trust, so that I can release some of my funds (US$950,000.00) in your care for this charity project to be carried out there on my behalf, since my doctor says I have only a few months to live.... Read more

  • hassan 09/20/2020 at 02:20 AM

    This is a Facebook account for the plaintiff, the name of Lily owen, who often procures men to swindle them. They also tried with me in the same way, but I discovered the topic at the beginning by searching by name, and I found a number of reports on this process that is soliciting and then taking money or being involved in money laundering operations. The method followed by these swindlers



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