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Fraudulent emaildragbonhaleherbalhome@gmail.com
PseudonymDr. Agbonhale
Telephone+234 9073130326 (ou 002349073130326) (more info)
Scam contentsIts a pleasure for me to write this testimony about how i got my Genital Herpes cured a month ago. i have been reading so many comments of some people who were cured from various diseases by Dr .Agbonhale, but i never believed them. I was hurt and depressed so I was too curious and wanted to try Dr. Agbonhale , then i contacted him through his email when i contact him, he assured me 100% that he will heal me, i pleaded with him to help me out. My treatment was a great success, he healed me just as he promised. he sent me his medication and ask me to go for check up after one weeks of taking the medication. i agreed with him i took this medication and went for check up a , to my greatest surprise my result was negative after the treatment, i am really happy that i am cured and healthy again. I have waited for 3weeks to be very sure i was completely healed before writing this testimony. I did another blood test one week ago and it was still Herpes negative. so i guess its time i recommend anyone going through Herpes HSV-1 or HSV-2, HIV, HPV, Hepatitis B, Diabetes, Cancer reach him through Email dragbonhaleherbalhome@gmail.com OR add on whatsapp +2349073130326. .
Your comments / analysisThis is completely fake.This product doesn't exist nor does Dr. Agbonhale, it's just a way to defraud genuine people out of money.

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Message to the scammer: Look, I know behind all of these fake names and personalities you are the same low life person, it's so blatantly obvious and you probably know that I'm on to you. This is why I'm inviting you to comment below (using your real name) to explain to the world why you think it's okay to defraud genuine people out of thousands of dollars. Just to make you aware I have reported each and every one of your scams to the police and fraud departments around the world, you need to know what you're doing is wrong and illegal.
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