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Telephone+1 240-252-7006 (ou 0012402527006) (more info)
Your comments / analysisI have a car ad on gumtree and the person said they were interested in my car, I thought it was legit. I was then asked to email an email address with more info on the car so I did. They asked for my bank details which I didn't give but they then asked for my PayPal email which is the same as my email address and they said they are sending me the money for the car but now I'm panicking that maybe they are hacking my accounts. Is someone able to dot his from texting and emailing? They told me to take the ad down as they are going to buy the car so I said no I have other people interested etc. I dunno something feels wrong and I'm scared they will hack my accounts, they already have my email and phone number. Their email is
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  • Anyi 10/02/2019 at 07:15 PM

    I also have an car advert over Gum tree and was delighted to receive a message from the same number (+1 240-252-7006) interested in it. I was about to send them an email as they also mentioned to email only. However, something stopped me from doing it. The number is clearly a US number. Why will somebody want to buy a car in the UK from US. I googled the number and the message above appeared.
    It's clearly a scam. I wouldn't send an email nor reply to the message.
    Thanks for sharing the message. If possible you can tell us how it ended.

  • Swangdang 10/20/2019 at 09:49 AM

    I had the same experience only they wanted my bank details. I sent them a dick pic instead and haven't heard back

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