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Fraudulent emailibejohn93@yahoo.com
Address: Central Intelligence Agency
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505



This is to inform you that we have been working towards the eradication of fraudsters and scam Artists in Africa with the help of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and FBI. We have been able to track down some scam artist in various parts of African countries which includes (Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Ghana and Senegal with cote d'ivoire ) and they are all in Government custody now, they will appear at International Criminal Court (ICC) soon for Justice. During the course of investigation, they were able to recovered some funds from these scam artists and IMF organization have ordered the funds recovered to be shared among the 10 Lucky people listed around the World as a compensation. This notice is been directed to you because your email address was found in one of the scam Artists file and computer hard-disk while the investigation, maybe you have been scammed. You are therefore being compensated with sum of $4.5M therefore you can
receive your benefits through the Sun Trust Bank, because we have an agreement with the bank.kindly ordered them to claim your current fund, the sum of $4,500,000 only. We advise you to scrupulously follow the instructions of the bank so that nothing prevents you from receiving your funds. we are here monitoring every aspect of this transaction so that you will not be cheated by one again. You are informed that you can only receive your funds from Sun Trust Bank and directly with Mr. Tom Patrick, a person designated by the government.

NOTE: You must contact the Sun Trust Bank Remittance Manager in Charlotta, NY, and send them from our office as evidence in this regard and to assist the bank in recognizing our efforts in transmitting this message. Please contact the Remittances Manager with the information below:

Name of The Bank: Sun Trust Bank USA.
Department Code: 231BOA077.
Address: 100 N. Tron St, NY 28255 USA.
For the Attention of Mr. Tom Patrick (Director of the Sun Trust Bank USA)
E-mail:( officexoffice1@gmail.com )

Please don't forget to reconfirm to following information.
1. Your Full Name:
2. Address
3. Cell/Mobile Number:

Finally, you are notified to end with every transaction that you have been involved regarding your payment and deal directly to the Sun Trust Bank only Thanks for your understanding as you follow instructions while I wait to hear from you today.

Hon. Christopher Asher wray

Electronic division agent
The Attorney general of United States
Official notification by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of Washington DC

Use BOTH Bing and Google to search email addresses and phone numbers so you will not get ripped off.

Never use Money Gram, Western Union, Ria to send a fee to strangers. Never buy an i-tunes card, Amazon card steam wallet giftcard(s) or any gift cards to send to scammers.Never use bitcoin and send the wallet / address to scammers. If you do, it is gone for ever. If you must send the money (please do not) When you use money gram, Western Union, the United States is the control of the United States, and even if it is in Africa and you need to transfer to New York. Send the money to a US, UK, Canada, or South Africa bank account only. You could get your money back from below

If you send money to this scammer, please
In the US ...
1.first ... file a police report
2. second ... file a complaint at www.ic3.gov and include the police report case number near the bottom of the form.
In the UK ...
1.first ... a police report
2. second ... file a complaint at www.actionfraud.police.uk and include the case number of the police report
More info +What to do in case of scam ?
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